Club Polices

ATTIREClub branded long cream trousers, Club branded playing shirts, Club Black Baggy Cap or Club White Floppy Hat, (the Club’s baseball cap can be worn in the limited-overs games). Boots with spikes are to be worn, which are MANDATORY on turf wickets. Club Polo Shirt, tracksuit or training shorts are to be worn to and from games.

FEES$750.00 which covers uniform, insurance, club membership fees, and a Sportsman’s Night/Presentation Night ticket.

Vests, Jumpers, Jackets, Long Sleeve White Skins, White Floppy Hats, Helmets and extra Baseball Hats can be ordered in Club Colours, but must be paid for when placing order.

100% of Fees “Must Be Paid” prior to round 1 and you are also required to join the Mounties Club and provide a valid membership number. Mounties offer a variety of adult and junior memberships for 1, 3 or 5 years. Parents and families are also encouraged to join and provide their numbers as it is evidence of our commitment to our major partner.

Failure to comply with these terms will result in you becoming unavailable for selection.

CONDUCT: All players must abide by the Club’s “Code of Conduct” and also the Cricket NSW “Code of Conduct”. Whilst on the field the Captain is the only spokesperson for the Club.

Sledging on and off the field will not be tolerated and at no time are players allowed to dispute an Umpire’s decision. Any breach will result in an appearance before the Club’s Management Committee and any offender will be dealt with severely.

Blacktown is the “New Club” in the Grade Competition and most importantly we should show the other Clubs that we are here to play cricket, and play the game in line with the “Spirit of Cricket”.

TRAINING: All players are to attend training in the Club’s training gear (training shirt, shorts and baseball cap). Attendance at training is vital to both you and your team. If you cannot attend due to work, illness, injury or any other reason please contact your Captain and Head Coach Greg Small.

Unavailabilities: Please use the clubs Team App to indicate if you are unavailable well in advance and also let your Captain and Chairman of Selectors know about your unavailability.

PUNCTUALITY: All players are to be in attendance, changed, and on the field a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the start of play. If you have problems or you are running late for either training or a game, please contact your Captain.  

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