Blacktown AW Green Shield squad 2019-20 update
Date of Event Blacktown Mounties Cricket Club: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:04PM

Blacktown Cricket Club appreciates the effort of all the players and parents for coming in the AW Green Shield selection trial for 2019-20. We are heartly thankful to all the players for their presence.


Also, we are thankful to all the selectors and coaches for spending their precious time and helping us in AW Green Shield Selection trial for 2019-20.


BCC are proudly announcing the AW Green Shield Squad for 2019-20.


Apostolakis James
Atlee Anthony
Avi Ainkaash
Changela Kunj
Dogra Gaurav
Gauci Daniel
Jones Luke
Mahadi Shaheed
Mcdonald Hayden
Narvel Mahsen
Himadri Neerav
Obaidi Adam
Singh Channpreet
Singh Harjas

Freedman Nicholas




Train On players


Madan Aayush

Nath Xavier

Thokala Nikhil



Last updated: Thursday July 25, 2019 1:52PM