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1190 Divyesh Nambiar - Josh Hilder Blacktown Cricket ClubSecond Grade3 1 St George
2195 Yuvraj Sharma - Dhruv Kant Blacktown Cricket ClubThird Grade8 1 Hawkesbury
3142 Jake Fawcett - Timothy Doonan Blacktown Cricket ClubFirst Grade1 1 Sydney
4152 Benjamin Butler - Marcus Jones Blacktown Cricket ClubSportsWave Metropolitan Cup15 1 Gordon
5162 Annay Chauhan - Waqas Tareen Blacktown Cricket ClubThird Grade14 1 UNSW
6116 Josh Hilder - Arron Lilley Blacktown Cricket ClubFirst Grade12 1 Penrith
790 Daya Singh - Gabriel Joseph Blacktown Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Mosman
885 Fidah Chowdhury - Ben Grayson Blacktown Cricket ClubFifth Grade13 1 Northern District
944 Hamish Lelliott - Jai Nanavati Blacktown Cricket ClubFifth Grade3 1 St George
1064 Mohammad Shinwari - Kurt Niess Blacktown Cricket ClubFirst Grade10 1 Western Suburbs

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